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Time Extension Certificate

Please see the guidelines below regarding how to receive a Time Extension Certificate.

To request a Time Extension Certificate, please select your property and follow the required steps.

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Guidelines for Time Extension Certificate

A 180-day time extension for obtaining a Compliance Certificate is available when you are buying or selling a property.

If you cannot obtain a Compliance Certificate for your PSL before transferring title, you may apply for a Time Extension Certificate which will allow 180 days from the certificate issue date for PSL work to be completed. The Time Extension Certificate is only valid if it is returned to EBMUD along with a $4,500 deposit at title transfer.

T1. Apply for Time Extension Certificate
Select your property, request a Time Extension Certificate and pay the fee.

T2. Complete and sign Time Extension Certificate
The Time Extension Certificate must be completed and signed by the applicant prior to title transfer. Either party in the transaction or their representatives can apply. The Time Extension Certificate must state who will receive the refund when compliance is achieved and include a mailing address for the refund recipient.

T3. Mail Time Extension Certificate and $4,500 to EBMUD
Upon title transfer, the applicant must mail the completed Time Extension Certificate and a check for $4,500 made payable to EBMUD-PSL. The check must include the parcel number. The $4,500 will be released to the designated party when compliance is achieved.

Mail to:EBMUD-PSL Remittance Center
PO Box 24055
Oakland, CA 94623

T4. Get the $4,500 Refund
EBMUD automatically mails the refund to the party stated on the Time Extension Certificate if compliance is met within 180 days.

Property must obtain a full Compliance Certificate within 180 days. During the 180-day time extension period, the responsible party, as negotiated between the buyer and seller, shall complete the requirements to obtain a Compliance Certificate (Steps S1-S5) by repairing or replacing the PSL as necessary. Note that once the title transfer is complete, the new property owner is solely responsible for obtaining a Compliance Certificate.

If the program obligations are not met before the extension period expires, the $4,500 may be subject to forfeit, and the new property owner is subject to enforcement action by EBMUD.

Refund of the $4,500 Time Extension Certificate Deposit

EBMUD monitors its system weekly for Compliance Certificates that have been obtained and automatically processes the refund request. Refunds are typically received by the customer 4 to 6 weeks from the date that the Compliance Certificate was issued.

Refund checks are mailed out every Friday. Note that there can be a delay in processing the refund if EBMUD does not have information for the refund recipient.

To check the status of a refund or confirm the mailing address for the refund recipient, call or email EBMUD as indicated below.

For additional refund information by email:psl@ebmud.com
or by phone:1-866-403-2683 (Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)

If the Time Extension Certificate deposit was made by check, a period of two weeks is required for the check to clear. EBMUD will not make a refund during this period.